JVC ISO Archival Grade Media


To ensure that your digital files are stable and long lasting, JVC have created a range of ISO Certifies, Archival Grade Media that incorporates all of the latest technology and know-how, built from 20 years of experience in the professional market.


Featuring a uniquely designed organic dye that has been proven to be effective for long-term archiving. Additives developed in-house by JVC are used in the organic dye to minimise decomposition from factors such as heat or light during long-term storage. If the dye had decomposed, data would not be readable from the disc.


The ISO Certified Archival Grade Media has a uniquely developed ‘special alloy’ on the silver based reflective layer to maintain suitable reflectivity so that long-term storage capability is possible. Additionally, the silver reflective layer provides the best compatibility between the discs and the standard drives currently used in the market.



ISO Certified CD-R in Jewel Case


Code: 54001

ISO Certified DVD-R in Cakebox 


ISO Certified DVD-R in Jewel Case


Code: 54012

Code: 54011

ISO Certified 50GB BD-R DL

JVC Code: J-BDR50-WPY10P6H

Code: 54021

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