Twister USB


The Twister USB is our bestselling USB style, with the popular capless design there is no detachable lid to go missing. Available in 8 colours.


The stainless steel swivel clip can be branded on both sides with a variety of print methods: digital print, dome resin label, or engraving


We now assemble these in-house and can offer all colours in capacities ranging from 512MB to 64GB - just ask for more information.

Designer USB


The Designer USB has a rounded, slimline design that features a matt finish in three colours: white, metallic red and metallic silver.


The body of the Designer USB can be branded in full colour on both sides with our in-house digital printing service for USB.


Bullet USB


The Bullet USB has a smooth, rounded design and detachable lid.


It has a rubberised, soft touch shell that can be printed with our in-house digital print service.


Golding USB


The Golding USB is constructed with a plastic body and an overlaying brushed aluminium cover.


The rounded, sleek design includes a moulded loop eyelet that allows the user to attach accessories such as lanyards directly to the USB body. The aluminium component can be digitally printed or engraved.


Classic USB


The Classic USB is made up of a  rectangular plastic body with a brushed aluminium cover.


Similar to the Golding USB style, the Classic style features a moulded loop eyelet to attach accessories such as lanyards or clips.


This style can be digitally printed or engraved.

Slider USB


The Slider USB has an attractive brushed aluminium casing with an innovative capless design. The USB nib is uncovered and concealed using the sliding mechanism on the side of the USB body.


The smooth aluminium surface lends itself to all types of branding; digital print and engraving.



Credit Card USB


The Credit Card USB has a super slim design which has the same dimensions of a standard credit card so it can fit neatly into a wallet.


Both sides of the Credit Card USB can be wholly digitally printed in full colour, giving your brand a high prominence with the largest print area



Our Key USB is a novelty design with a  practical touch, it can be attached to a standard key ring fixture for convenience.


The shiny silver metal surface is suitable for both digital printing and engraving.



The Cob USB has a compact design with a soft-touch rubberised USB casing with an outer shiny silver case that moves over the rubberised surface with a swivel motion.


The metal outer casing can be branded, either through digital print or engraving. It also features a metal split ring which allows USB accessories to be easily attached.

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